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  EE1   6-9PM (Charu J.)

Start 9/14
  6-9PM (Charu J.)

Start 9/15
    3-6PM (Charu J.)

Start 9/10
  Engineering Statics, Dynamics   5-7PM (Brad H.)

Start 9/14
Start 9/9
  Matlab   12:30-2:30PM (Hinal P.)
  6-9PM (Krishna Y.)

Start 9/22
  10:30-11:30AM (Hinal P.)

Beginning 10/14 3:15 - 4:15
        5-8PM (Krishna Y.)
Start 9/14
Start 9/15
Start 9/10
  Statics (221)         5-8PM (Swetha K.)
5-8PM (Nirali P.)

Start 9/10
Start 9/2
Start 9/6

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