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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  EEI, II, Program Meth 252, Prob Random Process 226              
  EEI, Mechanics 291, Measurement 350,Fluid M 312, Dynamics 222   11:30-1:30PM (Christopher P.)
    11:30-1:30PM (Christopher P.)
  Matlab, Calc 4/Differential Equations           3:30-4:30PM (Hinal P.)

Start 9/9
  Matlab, Design of Mechanical Comp.   2-4PM (Urvish P.)
  2-4PM (Urvish P.)

Start 10/4
  ME comp Anal/Design 231, Mech Props of Mat 407, Intro Mech of Mat 291, CAD     7-9PM (Salvatore L.)
  4:30-6:30PM (Salvatore L.)
  7-9PM (Salvatore L.)
  Statics       3:15-5PM (Swetha K.)

Start 9/14
    2:30-4:30PM (Swetha K.)

3:30 - 4:30 Only on 11/4
  Statics, Dynamics, Fluids, Mech Materials    
Start 9/13
Start 9/16
  Statics, MatLab     10-11:30AM (Rajvi M.)

Start 9/13
  Thermodynamics 351, Fluid Mechanics 312   7-9PM (Eda-Nicole G.)
  7-9PM (Eda-Nicole G.)
          4-7PM (Eda-Nicole G.)

Not Available 10/30
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Statics, MatLab    
Start 9/13
Start 9/14
Start 9/15

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